Apple’s New iPad might be seeing delays in the UK

It has been reported by The Verge that the first shipment of Apple’s latest tablet device The New iPad has become delayed in reaching the UK shores. The original launch date of the device released by Apple last week was set for the 16th March in the US, UK and several other countries across the Globe. The Verge has an inside tip that has told them that the new iPad models will not be shipped to households in the UK on the 20th March which is four days after the original shipping date this may be quite a long time for the Apples hardcore fans that want to Adopt the device as soon as it is available.

The tip has been proven by an email that a Verge reader has sent in which can be seen here.

For those not quick enough to order the device by the Thursday the tablet will not be available till the start of April and the phone carriers who have stores in the UK won’t have the device for a while after that.



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