Guest post: Case Management Software –The New Time Saving Tool for Attorneys

Time is a precious commodity in any business. But in a legal firm, with the hectic schedules and ever increasing competition, time is sometimes in extreme short supply. You often end up working on urgent matters and put off important matters till they become urgent. Definitely not the right course of action if your want to build a successful law firm.

The Time Vs Efficiency Problem

The fact is you have only 24 hours and naturally you can’t expect people to work 24 hours. And you definitely don’t want your staff to spend inordinate amount of time in office, affecting their work-life balance. That reduces motivation and your company image also suffers. It may impact your ability to attract good talent as there is a buzz “Oh that firm has really long hours”. But obviously at the same time, you can’t let work suffer. So what is the solution? Quite simply case management software integrated with Outlook

The Need for Outlook Integration in Case and Matter Management

Though there are several case and matter management systems available, Outlook integration is a crucial a parameter. Otherwise you spend time training staff on a new system, which defeats the very purpose of opting for the software, which was to save time.

The Major Time Stealers in a Law Firm

There are certain areas in a law firm that typically cause loss of time. Suitable Outlook integrated case and matter management software addresses these areas and helps you save time

Access to Right Information

Access to the right information at the right time is very crucial. Given the information overload in law firms, often accessing the right information is as tough as looking for a needle in a haystack. It is necessary to organize the information in manner that affords easy access.  In traditional case management software, you need to transfer information from your email (in Outlook) to the software. With outlook integration, email information as well as your comments, if any, are automatically updated in the relevant client folder, saving the time you would have spent on this.

You just need to create the client record in the software once and all information related to the client or case can be accessed across the organization by referring to the relevant folder. No more time spent looking through physical files and reading through mountains of emails.

Legal Documentation

Another time consuming task in law firms is documentation. There are several court forms and other documents that need to be prepared in a particular format. Outlook case and matter management software picks up information from the Outlook (email/ attachment/ tasks) and automatically creates the requisite forms on Word in the desired format, ready for printing/ emailing. Thus you save time.

And what do you do with the time saved? Invest more in your clients and invest more with your family and invest more in yourself. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull attorney.

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