Guest post: Why the Remote Computer Has Become More Attractive

The emergence of remote services has moved the world to a new height. People are now actually enjoying the different benefits of remote-operated items, from opening and closing doors, turning a television on and off, to making a vehicle run or stop. Indeed, there are lesser hassles when something can be operated remotely. When you can access something without your physical presence, then that surely is a milestone. Well, that milestone has also been achieved in the computer technology through hosted desktop.

A hosted desktop is first of all a leap of faith. This is because the basic process of remotely accessing a computer’s secured information is already risky, considering that this would involve a particular kind of “mechanism”, which could expose the information to unscrupulous elements. In normal situations, the user can just operate his desktop computer by clicking on some icons, folders or buttons without any fear of being possibly eavesdropped. But when he would want to save or retrieve data files from his computer remotely, he would have to use some means of “vehicle” so that he can do this. This third party principle could be an avenue of abuse and attack from malicious people who would like to steal files of others. Because a hosted desktop operates as one of these “vehicles”, there are then security risks that it has to be addressing on.

But what a relief to know that the security of hosted desktop is indeed, secure – completely. The scare of knowing that certain information would need to be in a “vehicle” so that they can be accessed or retrieved can now be put to rest. Hosted desktop in fact offers both the convenience and security of remotely accessing your computer. Hence more and more corporate agencies are taking full advantage of this advanced technology.

A hosted desktop is a service provider that hosts your computer, so that in the event that you need to access it anywhere and anytime, you can do so with all convenience. Accessing devices could either be another computer, mobile phones, or other handheld devices.

The attraction to hosted desktop has also grown because of their easy accessibility. The host makes the easy connection possible, since the user only needs to get through the service provider, and once it is there, it can easily navigate its way through the contents of the desktop computer. This is now being enjoyed by the latest mobile phones with camera and video capability. Since they can’t save as much files in their smaller gadgets, they transfer it to their main computer, which can accommodate more files. With hosted desktop, their computers can stay in the safety of their homes while they remotely save and transfer image or video files as though they were physically there.

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  1. Dewan says:

    No doubt you have defined the correct reasons for the popularity of remote computers

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