Guest post: How to Defend Against Mobile Phone Radiation

There has been much publicity into the dangers of radiation exposure from being in regular contact with mobile devices; however there has been ever so little discussion of a feasible resolution on the subject.

Mobile devices are now an integral part of modern life; many people, me included, would even go as far to say that they feel lost if they don’t have their mobile device on them at any given time. So, despite the health hazards associated with mobile devices, it is inconceivable that people will stop using their devices, or even cut down on their use of them.

It does appear like we need a solution to this conundrum… one where we can continue to use our mobile devices freely without the worry of the derogatory effect they may be having on our health.

Luckily, the good people at Pong have created an Anti-Radiation Phone Cover for the iPhone that not only protects you from radiation, but also looks fantastic and protects your phone from marks and scratches, and is available from leading smart device accessories store for just £39.99! 

So what does the Anti-Radiation Phone Cover from ExecSpot offer? Well:

  • Protection to your head and body from radiation exposure
  • Piece of mind from health risks
  • Durable, sleek leather/soft touch case with shock absorption and scratch protection
  • A micro-thin antennae module which redirects radiation away from your head
  • A boost in phone’s signal strength!

The Pong Anti-Radiation Phone Cover is the only product that has been proven by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to protect users from mobile phone radiation whilst not compromising on the phone’s performance, with this outstanding case shown to reduce Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) by up to 95% below FCC limits!

This incredible anti-radiation case is available from ExecSpot in both Leather Touch and Soft Touch in a host of eye-catching colours, including Black, White, Cranberry Red, Cobalt Blue, Neon Green and Baby Pink.

ExecSpot also offers Free Next Day Delivery on all orders over £15 in the UK!


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