Guest post: How VOIP Phone Systems Can Boost Your Small Business

VoIP systems have been in use for at least the last 60 years, larger companies have made use of this voice networking technology to lowering their overall operating cost as well as increase employee efficiency. Not only can a company use regular phone lines, but also inter-office phone lines that function via IP’s. With the ever-increasing number of start-ups on the rise, the use of VoIP has expanded to these smaller businesses offering the ease and flexibility of larger firms, while making their telecom services more affordable and much more professional.

VoIP Phone Systems, NY and Beyond

Using VoIP phone systems allows you to make and receive calls via broadband Internet as opposed to an analog phone line. Some companies have their own IP networks, while others choose to use the Internet. Basically, your Internet connection is turned into a phone line. The information from your calls are transformed into digital signals for transfer, and re assembled into normal signals on the other end of the line. Some services allow you to use your computer to make calls; while more advance systems have traditional phones attached to a main VoIP switchboard.

These phone systems are for daily office use such as inter-office paging, conference calls, call forwarding and much more they also replace outdated paging systems. Most VoIP phone systems are built to suit the needs of a particular business and thus offer a communications solution that is full featured. You can even combine voice, video and data all on one network

Business Phone Systems, Business Can be More Cost Effective

Small companies are able to cut their operating cost via VoIP phone systems due to the wide variety of services the system offers. Voice and video conference calls allows you to reduce your travel expenses, long distance and line fees are also drastically reduced since your network is run through an IP as opposed to traditional phone lines.  Many phone companies charge extra fees for caller identification, call forwarding, voicemail and other add-ons. VoIP phone systems have these services built into the program and don’t generate extra charges. The entire system is simplified which makes it easy to use and allows companies the flexibility to grow without a substantial increase in expenses.

New York Business Phone Services Via The Net

VoIP systems take the standard phone services and convert them to internet based options. Services such as;

  • Voicemail
  • Call waiting
  • Station assignment
  • Toll free numbers
  • Call forwarding
  • Click-to-dial
  • Remote operation
  • Find me or follow me

In the past, these services were managed by the phone company and extra fees were assessed. If you wanted to add a mailbox or change your services, you would have to call a customer service number to get live assistance. VoIP allows you to manage each of these personally from a main computer.

The program for the system is housed on one main computer, this program allows you to manage phone numbers and assign each employee different extensions. When a person calls a certain number, it can be directly routed to the proper extension automatically, transferred directly to voicemail or be put in a queue. Each extension can be equipped with a regular hand set that allows the number or name of the person calling to be displayed in advance of the call. You can also set up individual mail boxes and standard voicemail recordings via the program. Since this is all done via the internet, you can use these features outside of the office and at a reduced cost compared to traditional phone services.

How Your Small Business Can Benefit From Business phone services

The quality of VoIP services have improved greatly over the years, and the hardware used for the systems are affordable enough that every level of business can have access to professional communication networks. Small business phone systems allow you to use several lines on your existing internet connection. By freeing up your lines, you are able to conduct more business and increase the number of leads your company generates. First impressions mean a lot in business, when some one calls your office and is able to use either an automated system to efficiently reach the extension they were looking for or be routed through the receptionist with little or no hindrance, the idea left in their mind about your company is highly favorable.

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  1. Choosing VOIP service for your business is smart idea as it’s One Wiring system, Leveraging the Internet for telephone calls, Private Instant messaging, Setting up Video sessions between endpoints and even user from remote areas logged into the system is able of receiving and originating calls.

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