Guest post: Why It Is Important To Learn Excel

Microsoft Excel is a very powerful tool that is fairly intuitive to use. While most people have a casual understanding of Excel, it can be important to your career if you get a greater knowledge of the program. Here are some ways to use Excel to help put your career on the fast track and get a leg up over your colleagues.

Analyzing Sales Trends

Excel is a terrific tool for tracking sales data. By being able to track and quickly view historical trends, it becomes easier for a small business owner to forecast what the future is going to bring. Using Excel’s powerful graphing and charting functions brings sales data to life. If you want to “wow” your bosses and impress management, take the time to learn how to use Excel to create flashy charts that make an impact.

All you have to do is import your daily sales data into the spreadsheet and use Excel’s handy tool bar to turn the data into a nice looking graph. While this sounds very easy to do – and is! – you would be surprised at how many people just do not take the time to do it. Instead, they present their boss with boring charts full of numbers. Sure, seeing the bottom line is great, but being able to communicate your message with flair is what will make your presentations stand out from your co-workers, giving you the edge when it comes time for a promotion.

Marketing Presentations

Another important way Excel can help you separate your work from your office mates is marketing charts. Since marketing is the constant evaluation of ROI, organizing and tracking return on investment is a crucial way to help your company make marketing decisions going forward. Learn to use Excel, so that you can provide your management team with all the facts they need to see which campaigns have been effective and which ones have been duds.

Using Excel, you can easily keep track of each marketing campaign your company runs. Then you organize your column data with the cost of each campaign, how many new customers were acquired from the campaign, and the value in dollars that the campaign brought in. Imagine the impact you will have in a sales meeting when you present up-to-date marketing ROI analysis data that will help your company’s decision makers decide where to spend the dollars in the future. Being able to present clear, impactful data like this can quickly lead to you being relied upon as “the Excel office guru”.

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