Microsofts Windows 8 desktop.. Aero glass has been dropped

In recent news on the Windows front. Microsoft have released a screen shot of what their Windows 8 desktop will look like and it’s definitely different with a few subtle UI changes and the drop of the Aero glass effect they have made quite a few changes from the previous operating system.

On their blog Microsoft has said that it is trying to instill a crisp and clean look as can be seen from the quote below:

We applied the principles of “clean and crisp” when updating window and taskbar chrome. Gone are the glass and reflections. We squared off the edges of windows and the taskbar. We removed all the glows and gradients found on buttons within the chrome. We made the appearance of windows crisper by removing unnecessary shadows and transparency. The default window chrome is white, creating an airy and premium look. The taskbar continues to blend into the desktop wallpaper, but appears less complicated overall.

Microsoft also said that they are trying to make the interface easier for new users so it cuts learning time of their operating systems interface. This means that they wan to get more of a pick up and play feel to their operating system, so new people using it don’t have to take ages trying to figure out how to do simple things. The picture of the desktop can be seen below and the Microsoft blog it was released on can be found here

Windows 8

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