Guest post: Email marketing – a useful marketing tool

As you sift through all of the advice on offer about marketing techniques and platforms, it’s important to remember who you are. Sure, you need to take a varied approach, but you can sell, raise brand awareness and conduct research using just one platform.

So, before you begin to experiment with social media, you should think about your brand values and, most importantly, your budget. Simple and cost effective, email marketing suits the biggest to the most humble businesses. Here are a few of the benefits that can be had by advertising through the platform…


By investing in high quality email campaign software you’re handed the tools to increase your brand’s awareness immediately. The ability to send a constant stream of newsletters and leaflets will be especially useful to you if you’re just starting out as a business. Most consumers will feel a little hesitant to invest in your company if they’re unaware of your business, so you might have to make contact them a number of times for the messages to register. Ask any expert; constant communication with your audience cannot be underestimated.


As the sender of the message, you have the power to pinpoint where it gets sent to. First, you should put in groundwork beforehand to identify the specific audience. After this you can start constructing your message; filling it with the information you know the recipient will want to view. It makes for a completely tailored selling environment, which is why so many companies gain good results by using email as a marketing tool. In addition to this, using analytics, you can track who’s responding particularly well to your advertisement; giving you something to work off in the future.


By using email marketing to make the initial contact, you can then redirect the customers to your chosen sources. This could be a website link or, if you’ve placed ample information in the message, a physical location – for an in-store promotion or event, perhaps. Email marketing has a number of hidden advantages like redirection, so explore them to find out how the platform can benefit your campaign.

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