Guest Post: iPhone 5 Rumours

Rumours are circulating fast and free across the Internet on the release date and specifications of the iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4S are some call it).

The industry appears convinced the release date may be as early as September 2011. It was reported in May that Apple manufacturers had been given a massive order to produce 15 million handsets ready for the iPhone 5’s autumn launch. Apple are also said to be hiring substantially more staff for September, and the US network AT&T has banned staff holidays around that time, as ballast for a possible launch.
Further evidence could be seen in iPhone 4 price cuts in August, and a high-profile Apple chief suggesting that in autumn there will be œa future product transition with significant ramifications for their end of year financial outlook.
It was reported that Telefonica, which own the O2 network, is set to be scaling back iPhone stock in advance of œthe launch of a new smartphone. Finally, since iOS 5 ships in autumn, it’s not a huge leap of logic to presume the iPhone 5 will also appear around then.
In terms of expected features, there is also a healthy amount of plausible rumours around. These include ideas the iPhone 5 will be ergonomically curved, have voice control and will be geared principally towards Apple’s forthcoming iCloud roll-out. Other presumed updates include a better camera, a dual-core processor and HSPA+ support. It’s also pretty likely that, since the iPad 2 support full HD, that the new iPhone will also support the full 1080p specification.
It’s not expected that the new device will feature a leap in price, since most believe the evolutionary step between iPhone’s 4 and 5 will be similar to that of the iPhone 3G and 3GS. However, the UK’s higher VAT rates may ultimately mean a higher price tag. Keep your eyes on to see when it becomes available!

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  1. Is the iPhone 5 really being called the iPhone 4S lol?

    We find it interesting to note that the new iPhone 5 will apparently not have NFC capabilities and possibly a more resistant screen which is not prone to cracking unlike the iPhone 4.

    As repairers of out of warranty Apple iPhones it will be interesting to see the demand for repairs on older models.

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