Guest post: Making Your Phone Battery Last Longer

Mobile phones are without a doubt one of the more convenient devices we can own today, find one today at They help users to stay in touch with others through a variety of sources. Many of these devices even go so far as to perform tasks that a computer would. However, with all of these benefits comes one thing that can be rather annoying and that is the life of the device’s battery. Mobile phones must rely on battery power to make them mobile. Given all of the use these devices get, these batteries often are unable to make it through an entire day without needing to be recharged. Many people do not realize that a few simple actions on their part could possibly extend the life of their battery.

Simply turning the device off when not in use is one of the easiest ways to save your battery. However, many people simply do not do this. If you are not planning on answering your phone, then turn it off. Also, if you’re in an area where you will not be getting any reception, turn it off as well. Your phone will continue to search for service and consume a great deal of your battery’s power in the process.

Adjusting your phone settings is also a simple way to conserve battery power. The backlighting for your phone should be turned down as low as possible. You can also adjust how long the backlight remains on; shortening the amount of time will save battery power. Avoid using vibration notifications too, as they use the most battery power. Also, when using sound notifications, set the volume as low as you can but make it still audible. Again, you will save your battery. When choosing backgrounds for your phone, select darker ones as this will use less power. Also, avoid animated backgrounds which suck power from the device.

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