Guest post: The Essential Apps You Can Install on Your Grandma’s iPhone!

I always chuckle when my friends tell me their folks and grandparents are lame in using the newest devices like iPhones, iPads and so on. Luckily, I don’t have such problem since even my grandma knows how to apply her iPhone to chat with her friends, send emails and learn new recipes for making some cookies for me : ) My point here is that probably your grandparents are not interested in iPhone/iPads because you showed them how to enslave pigs in “Angry Birds” or how to doodle by means of Sketchpad and that is all. Such activities can’t be interesting for elderly people, to tell the truth. I suggest using my method – install on your grandma’s or grandpa’s iPhone some cool applications aimed at people of their age. Don’t know from where to start? I have few great and cheap programs from the AppStore to offer you.

Pill Reminder Pro: a convenient program you would like to have at your fingertips!

Price in the AppStore: $ 0.99

Despite the fact this application may seem too obvious for someone and maybe even a bit offensive (sorry if I offended you by accident) I personally find Pill Reminder a must-have app for every iPhone user who are over 50 years, because, let’s be honest – the older we become the weaker memory we have. This small application is based on the system of push notifications it sends each time you need to take a pill according to your schedule.

Grandma's iPhone 1 Elderly users of iPhones and iPads will certainly enjoy using this app because it has very simple and user-friendly interface where you can create or delete your schedules on a daily or weekly basis. Pill Reminder even can work without being connected to network and that is another advantage I find pretty awesome.

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List: for all passionate gourmets!

Available for free in the AppStore

 Grandma's iPhone 2

I don’t know how your grandmas but my granny finds it her mission to make me fatter each time I visit her. She likes to cook and that is why when I was choosing what cooking application to install on her iPhone I certainly decided for benefit of Epicurious because so far it is the most popular in the AppStore cooking related program. Having in its catalogued database few hundreds of user/expert recommended and photo illustrated recipes this application also allows adding your own favorite cooking tips and share them with other users of this app or social networking websites. As for the Shopping List option you can choose a recipe and then the app will help to create a to-buy list of all required ingredients. A perfect app for gourmets of all ages since it is so simple to use and inexpensive.

Vouchercloud: the perfect app for saving money on your everyday expenses!

Available for free in the AppStore

Grandma's iPhone 3Money-saving won’t be unnecessary for any age group of iPhone users that is why there are so many apps made for this purpose. Vouchercloud was my grandma’s number one choice as the best coupon related iOS app. This nifty program will help to save money on your everyday activities like shopping, visiting cinemas or dining at restaurants because it offers a pretty decent amount of discounts, vouchers and coupons on the daily/weekend/weekly terms. You simply download by means of this app a voucher on your iPhone and then show it in a shop or a cafe without even printing it out. Sounds like a good deal for me, don’t you think?

Dragon Dictation: for turning your speech into text!

Offered for free in the AppStore

Grandma's iPhone 4 If your grandma is visually impaired like my granny I recommend making her life easier by means of this awesome application that is one of a kind since it works as a voice-recognition application allowing dictating emails or notes by turning your voice into words on a screen on a snap. It is a bit tricky but when it will figure out how to recognize your voice peculiarities (like an accent) you will see how simple it is to use this application for updating a Facebook status, send emails and tweet. If typing is difficult due to limited hand mobility or vision problems Dragon Dictation literally becomes irreplaceable.

FixMyStreet helps to make a neighborhood cleaner and safer!

Distributed for free in the AppStore

Grandma's iPhone 5 The majority of elderly people I have met including my grandparents are very socially conscientious and when they see a broken street light they treat it like a personal insult. In order to help elderly people to make their neighborhood cleaner and safer the developers offer to benefit from FixMyStreet program. Found a new disgusting graffiti in a restricted area or an abandoned car? Feel free to use this app to inform the council of your local area straight from an iPhone.

Your ideas?

I’m sure your grandma will love some of these applications. However, elderly people can surely have diverse hobbies and interests and use different from my suggestions apps on their iPhones/iPads. Tell us how your folks or grandparents cope with the “iPhone-hysteria”. Funny stories, your thoughts on cool apps for elderly users (especially if you belong to this age group) and the feedback about this post – all comments are highly appreciated, guys!

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