Guest post: Three pieces of software new businesses should consider

When people start up a new business it can be a very exciting time getting the business off the ground, attracting new customers and dealing with a myriad of suppliers. Because of the sheer volume of work and preparation that is necessary in the early days, it can also become quite overwhelming. It can be all too easy to get bogged down in administrative work which detracts from the core business. So it is good to know that there are three types of software that can help to take some of the weight off a new business.

Accounting Software

One of the areas that causes new business owners the most anxiety is accounting and taxes. Even those people with some background experience in finance can feel exposed on this front. This is no wonder as there are so many punitive charges attached to the tax regime, even for those who are new to business. Fortunately, IRIS accounting software packages can take care of the whole gamut of business accounting.

They provide a user friendly interface which enables business owners to manage their income and expenditure and to keep the appropriate records for the tax office. The software will calculate the corporation tax and VAT that is owed and arrange for it to be paid. This type of service minimises the risk of getting it wrong and being fined by HMRC. Accounting software will also keep on top of customer billing by raising invoices, chasing late payments and issuing receipts.

Payroll Services

In a similar vein, keeping on top of payroll and related issues can be quite a complicated affair and it is worth investing in payroll software. For a relatively small outlay, these programmes automate payroll systems. This means that staff are paid correctly and on time. In addition, all PAYE tax and national insurance is calculated automatically. The software can also take account of holidays, sickness, overtime and unauthorised absence. This ensures that employees are paid for the work that they have done without the risk of being under or overpaid.

There are lots of different packages available to suit all needs. For instance, some packages come with varying degrees of automation and support. As with accounting software, it is possible to select software that is accredited by HMRC for tax filing purposes which enables various employee returns to be carried out online. Again, this reduces the risk of error and fines and it also helps to avoid any employee frustration caused by incorrect tax payments.

Website design and hosting

Finally, there are very few modern businesses that can survive without a website. Because there are lots of software packages around these days, building and maintaining a website can be remarkably quick and easy. It is possible to set up a professional looking website, complete with email contacts and e-commerce, in a matter of minutes. There is no need to have any specialist web or design knowledge; everything has been set up to make life easy.

Many website packages come with a vast selection of designs to choose from. The designs tend to be industry specific, so it is straightforward to find one to match a particular business. For a more bespoke feel, it is usually possible to customise these sites to reflect a pre-existing brand, logo or business identity.


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