Guest post: What is Timesheet Software?

Timesheet software is available in many forms to help businesses to keep track of how their employees are spending their working time. This enables companies to streamline their administrative, payroll and client billing systems, resulting in faster, more accurate and efficient payments. The software has a variety of applications in a wide selection of organisations, ranging from the public sector through to the private sector and from micro businesses through to major multi-nationals.

Essentially, IRIS timesheet software is a computer programme that can be rolled out across a company to all employees. It enables each member of staff to record a variety of information. For example, the software keeps track of basic attendance data by requiring users to enter what time they start and finish work in each session. This ensures that proper account is taken of worked hours, breaks, holidays and illness.

For companies that operate a flexible working system, it means that users and managers can easily keep track of how many flexi hours have been built up and how many have been taken off. It can also highlight any time deficits. Because most programmes integrate with payroll, it means that workers are paid the correct amount for work carried out. This can reduce under or over payments which saves time for the payroll department and decreases worker frustration.

Timesheet software can be a great advantage to those businesses who provide services to clients or who work on a retainer basis. The software can be set up to show various clients and tasks which makes it a very simple job to keep track of which employee has done how much work for a particular client. Custom rates can be added to the system so that any non-standard tasks can be accounted for in situations where staff need to undertake emergency weekend or night working, or if a more senior employee needs to take over.

Many systems integrate with automated billing which reduces the amount of work necessary to calculate client bills. In addition, many programmes calculate expenses within the timesheets. Not only does this make life easier for the worker, it also means that managers can ascribe expenses to the correct client account.

Because the vast majority of staff do not want to waste time on administration, there is often some reluctance to record time taken on individual tasks or client accounts. This type of computer programme can take the hard work out of time accounting by providing user friendly drop-down menus. It also means that each employee, and their manager, has immediate access to a real-time account of hours worked and holidays outstanding.

One of the major advantages of this type of software is that it can easily be rolled out across many different platforms. Whether staff are office based or out on the road, they can still complete their time sheets quickly and easily, using a range of mobile devices. These can include all kinds of laptops, tablets, PDAs and smartphones. The mobile worker simply enters the information on their mobile device; the data then transmits to the manager and they can approve it from wherever they happen to be. Because the timesheet software means that records are updated and approved in real time, it streamlines the payroll and client billing system, reducing unnecessary lags in payment.


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