Digg sold to Betaworks for $500,000


This is a very sad story in my opinion, the social news aggregator Digg.com has been sold to BetaWorks for $500,000 as reported by The Wall Street Journal. The reason that this is a very sad story is because of what Digg used to be back in the start of the web 2.0 when Kevin Rose and his partner created Digg it was huge the site received massive amounts of traffic. Each story on the Digg home page was that powerful it used to be called the ‘Digg effect’ because sites simply couldn’t with stand the amount of traffic it would bring and they would fold under the pressure.

However since the golden ages when Digg was valued at over 40 million the traffic has now dropped dramatically, now giving Digg anywhere near the power it used to have. Even the creator Kevin Rose has abandoned ship and is now working for Google

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