Guest post: Features of Latest Android Phones That Has Engulfed the Mobile Freaks


Android has gifted many revolutionary features to the smartphones. With the launch of latest Android 1.5 version, many new features in the phones have been incorporated. This software has made the phones capable of many advanced features, which have leapfrogged the OS 3.0. Among the latest features, Home screen widget, live folders, built-in voice search are most popular one.

Unique virtual keyboard in Android 1.5 phones

The term virtual keyboard is quite hyped these days and people are just crazy to know about it. However, you can also access the physical keyboard. You can access the virtual keyboard in both portrait and landscape form and you work on Gmail, internet surfing, for SMS, and all other third party program.

Customize Home Screen with Widgets in Your Own Way

To get easy access to all the live data and web, you can customize your home screen with the bundle of widgets available in Android 1.5. You can keep the widgets such as calendar, contact, music player, clock on the home screen of your Android device. It also support the third party widget, you can get from the built-in application bazaar.

Live Folders for Easy Access to All Live Updates

The Live Folder is quite similar to the Quick Look feature of iOS. With this app, you can easily get access social networking sites, RSS feed, bookmarks, best apps, emails, your favorite music playlists etc. You can keep the Live Folders on the home screen of your Android device, so that you can easily get access to them.

Easy Picture Sharing With Picasa

With Picasa in Android, it is just a task of few minutes to share your images. Just you have to click on “Share” and share your photo via online. You will get 1 GB free memory to store your images in Picasa and you can share them whenever it is required.

Fast Access to Internet with Webkit Browser

Webkit browser is quite similar to the Safari 4 Beta in iOS. You can easily surf the internet with this tool in a very easy manner. The access to internet has become very fast with this tool, and it has provides a great relief to the users who prefer to access internet with mobile. Users will surely save their lot of time in surfing internet with this amazing.

Unique Voice Recognition Technology

The voice search feature was introduced in iPhone, but Android 1.5 has incorporated this tool in its devices. However, the users are supposed to speak with British or American accent. Once you speak in your phone, your voice is recorder in digital format and it is send to Google servers for relocating the geographical location.

Apart from the above mentioned features, latest Android 1.5 has many other interesting features. It supports stereo Bluetooth, along with the auto-pairing feature. All these features are in a close competition with iOS and some of them have even leapfrogged iOS features. Whatever be the level of competition between iOS and Android, you cannot undermine the features of latest version of Android 1. 5.

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