Guest post: Infographics and data visualisation – great online tools, programs and apps for iOS to help you create visually stunning infographics and data visualisations.

The infographic revolution is well and truly here, and we’re all looking to get our information quickly and in an easily accessible form. How can you create great data visualisations, either for clients, your own website, or just for fun? Here are a few tips and programs that can help you throughout the process.

Google Refine

Before you even begin to work on the actual visualisation of your data, a good tip is to make sure that your data entries are consistent. Alternative spellings, abbreviations and errors often mean that what should be the same entry, value or unit of measurement aren’t identified as being the same. An example could be one entry uses ‘People’s Republic of China’ and another uses ‘China’ or ‘PRC’. What this program allows you to do is collect private or public data (which is often messy, inconsistent and too vast to go through manually) and refine it. It also helps to quickly locate anomalies that exist due to data input errors, for example if a dataset described life expectancy and one entry read 800 instead of 80. This is a downloadable program and not an online tool, meaning that any sensitive information is safe.


Piktochart is an online infographic generator, useful for making simple infographics extremely quickly. It is best used when the data you wish to present has already been processed and you have the stats you wish to use. There are three steps to creating an infographic using this online tool: (1) select a theme, (2) change mood and (3) Edit Text. The problem with online generators is the degree of user creativity it allows and this is especially true for this tool as the free service only offers three themes and allows only 5 image uploads. However, the paid services offer over forty themes and allow more of your own images to be uploaded, allowing for a more creative infographic. This tool is optimal for those who don’t have the technological skills, creativity or time to create an elaborate infographic.

Photo Stats App

Photo Stats App was the first infographic generator for the iPhone. It collects and analyses data about your photos and then proceeds to generate infographics about your photographing habits such as where your photos have been taken, during what time of day and your most productive days of the year. It’s light-hearted, fun, and a terrific way to use that new iPad rental from providers like Rentsmart or Rent-a-centre.

These tools should help you get started in the ever increasingly popular trend of infographics. There are also many other apps, generators and programs available. For the more advanced, experiment with software that allows you to be as creative as possible, like Adobe Photoshop, rather than generators with only a limited number of templates.


Author’s bio:

Adrian Rodriguez is a freelance writer and university student who is captivated by data analysis and statistics, and loves experimenting with the use and design of infographics. He also keeps track of the latest deals on technology and service providers like Rentsmart.

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