Guest post: Planet of the apps [infographic]

The mobile application marketplace is growing at a phenomenal rate. Not only are more people using apps as part of their everyday lives, more people are aware and have the knowledge of how to create and design their own apps. These days there are apps for every situation. People will now rely on them to find their way when they are lost, to help them find and purchase a birthday present when they are on the train, to keep in touch with friends on Twitter, and much more!

Whilst Apple leads the way in this area, Android and Blackberry are steadily catching up. In fact, Android now has a much higher percentage of free apps available compared with paid ones. Some of the biggest apps over the last couple of years have been gaming ones. Angry Birds and Draw something are great examples of this, with the former being downloaded over 1 billion times! have delved into the planet of the apps…

planet of the apps

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