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Our 3 Favourite Mobile Phones on the Market Today

HTC One series

The mobile phone market is dominated by a few major brands today, but which is the phone which stands out ahead of the rest. We’ve put together a list of our favourite 3 phone handsets along with our favourite features, the top 3 probably won’t surprise you, but the order might…

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Home Security Mobile Apps

Home security is home security, right? There are sensors on the doors and windows, a loud security alarm, and a monitoring station keeping track of it all. Why do you need iPhone or Android apps? How can your phone or tablet protect your house and family? Where does new technology fit in to the picture?

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Guest post: From Black and White to Digital


The modern television is the product of many decades of innovations contributed by a plethora of engineers.

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Guest post: Top five gadgets for the home

A man’s home is his castle, or at least it used to be; in the 21st century, it is increasingly more likely to be his Q branch. In an age of rapid technological advance, this is hardly surprising, and it is interesting to note how many gadgets are simply perfect ways of avoiding exertion.

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Guest post: Should You Buy a Used Notebook or a Refurbished Notebook

IT support London

There are many ways you can get yourself a new notebook, but one way that has been picking up on popularity is buying a second hand or refurbished notebook. The big issue for both options is that you are buying an older product that has seen quite some action in its lifetime and you can never know for sure what damage might be lurking underneath the case.

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Guest Post: The New iPhone 5: Get ready to sell your iPhone 4

iphone 5

With the eagerly anticipated iPhone 5 just around the corner (sometime next month, after the Apple conference on 12th September), the prices of old iPhone’s will start to slowly decline across all parts of the world. So is now the time to start cashing in on them before it’s too late?

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guest post: 3 tips on increasing your brand presence through technology


All businesses need a strong brand image it helps with everything from there marketing to sales and even when retaining customers. The things about a company with a strong brand is that consumers feel safe when buying products off them. It makes them want to use their products more than the competition so its definitely in a companies best interest to do anything it can to try and improve the image of it’s brand. One of the great ways to do this is through technology, below I shall list 3 easy ways to start doing this.

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Gigabyte takes Light to the Next Level with 975g X11 Ultrabook

gigabyte x1 ultrabook

Gigabyte have taken the wrappers off their first Ultrabook, the super light X11 laptop.

Have you been impressed with the latest crop of Ultrabooks, sporting sleek lines, wedge-shaped finesse and a weight comparable to a few bags of sugar? Well you haven’t seen anything yet, as Gigabyte have released the world’s lightest 11.6″ Ultrabook.

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Microsoft Skydrive gets a rework ahead of Windows 8 launch


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Guest post: The Right Printer for your Business

print cable

Okay, the printer might not be the first thing you consider when setting up a new business, or even developing an existing one and making it more user friendly, but getting the right model to suit the jobs thrown at it is key. After all, you don’t want to wear the poor thing out by sending 300 documents through it in half an hour, but similarly you don’t want it to sit gathering dust with the odd sheet sent through in a week.

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