guest post: 3 tips on increasing your brand presence through technology


All businesses need a strong brand image it helps with everything from there marketing to sales and even when retaining customers. The things about a company with a strong brand is that consumers feel safe when buying products off them. It makes them want to use their products more than the competition so its definitely in a companies best interest to do anything it can to try and improve the image of it’s brand. One of the great ways to do this is through technology, below I shall list 3 easy ways to start doing this.

  1. Social media – Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Linked in or all of the above your brand need to use social media, if it doesn’t it is behind the times and your competition will be building up those vital relationships with customers using these platforms while you are not getting a second thought. The main advantages of doing this is the ability to interact with customers on a personal level giving you the chance to settle problems, deal with enquires or ever attract talent to the company. The advantages really are amazing when you make your brand seem more personal and less of a corporate entity.
  2. Promotional products on line store – Sure you can take about your brand and connect with people till you are blue in the face but some people like to see visible things to remind them of why they chose your brand something to keep who you are fresh in your mind. This is all a great way to make additional income out of your customers, if you make a store on your website and sell promotional products from it. You can get the products from sites like they sell things like cups, frisbees, pens and water bottles all of which you could get your brand on and sell through your on line store. This really would put your brand in the mind of the consumer while they do every day activities.
  3. On line competition – This one is great when used alongside the social media, it makes the customer feels like they are really interacting with the brand and getting a chance to get something back. Once the winner has won the product then they could provide the company with a glowing testimonial and further increase the positive feeling the customers have towards the brand. If clients think that a company is looking after them well then they will want to stick around.

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