Guest Post: How is technology changing in the online world

the_cloud_free_wifiEras can be characterised by certain technological inventions. From radios and telephones to colour TVs, each era in history has its totem; a technology it holds up as its defining moment. For the past decade or so, the Internet has been this totem. But there have been many mini revolutions within the broader umbrella of the Internet revolution. From the bubble to the rise and continued rise of social media the Internet is a force to be reckoned with; it can make or break, create heroes or villains bring money and joy or loss and despair. Like everything it has a good and a bad side.

The most recent revolution is a mobile one. From tablets to smartphones the Internet has gone mobile. The number of WiFi spots around the UK has grown steadily over the decade and now more than 10% of Brits connect to the Internet in this way. 45% of phone users in the UK are smartphone users and 50% of these use their smartphones to access the Internet on a daily basis and as the Internet has gone mobile, the things we do online have changed slightly.

Computer game playing has been increasing since the development of the Internet with networked online games such as World of Warcraft taking the world by storm. However, it is gambling and more simple games that are taking over now with the latest development sin mobile Internet. Women now make up a large percentage of gamers. In fact, an equal number of men and women play online games. Bingo is one of the most popular games enjoyed by women. 85% of UK bingo games are played by the fairer sex. There are now dedicated UK bingo sites just for women such as 888Ladies.

Social networks are more mobile than ever. Facebook users can ‘check in’ to locations, update their current location and connect with people in the same location all from the palms of their hands. Pictures can be taken on the go, with apps like Instagram, then uploaded in real time to social networks. The Wordpress app allows food bloggers for example to write live posts about meals and restaurants without the need of a desktop or even a laptop computer.

Pretty soon there won’t be a place on earth where you can’t get online.



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