Guest post: Should You Buy a Used Notebook or a Refurbished Notebook

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There are many ways you can get yourself a new notebook, but one way that has been picking up on popularity is buying a second hand or refurbished notebook. The big issue for both options is that you are buying an older product that has seen quite some action in its lifetime and you can never know for sure what damage might be lurking underneath the case.

Unlike desktop PCs, notebooks cannot be opened up just as easily and thusly it is a lot more difficult to get to the bottom of the issue.
If you are wondering if you should buy a used notebook or a refurbished notebook, then allow me to help you in this regard.
When you are buying a notebook first of all make sure that you check the specifications of the device you plan on purchasing. Not only can this give you a better understanding of the performance you can expect from the system but this can also aid you finding out a realistic price tag for a specific system. There are plenty of scenarios in which I would even recommend a new slightly less powerful notebook instead of an used or refurbished one.
The main issue here is that a new device will be coming with warranty which can save you a lot of money in the long run. There is no point in saving $100 or $200 initially if you end up having to pay highly expensive repairs or pay premium for parts.
Unlike a used notebook, a refurbished model generally does ship with at least a small warranty. This obviously depends on the retailer you purchase your device from, but as a rule of thumb, a refurbished device will have a warranty. Not only that, but during the refurbishing process, older components might get swapped out or at least the entire system will go through some nice maintenance work.

Then again, aused notebook can save you hundreds of dollars straight out of the box. The problem here appears when you cannot inspect the notebook yourself. Temperature issues for example might not appear in the first few minutes so even though you give the laptop a quick tour, you might go over the real issues underneath.

Another big difference between used notebooks and refurbished notebooks is the “inspection” processor. You can do only a few minimal tests and you cannot make sure that internal components are not damaged. All you can test is what you can see. This is obviously for the case in which you are buying it from a total stranger since if you are buying it from a friend he might just allow you to test it a little bit more.

Now with busted internal components, you might quickly find yourself in a position in which you have to pay a lot of money for repairs. HDDs are one of the first things to go along with cooling. These are moving parts so if the previous owner wasn’t careful you might end up with a product that has damaged components.
As a rule of thumb I would recommend that you should buy a refurbished notebook. There are situations in which I recommend the used model if you can save money and test it out properly, but most of the time I will point your attention towards the refurbished model.

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