Guest post: The Right Printer for your Business

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Okay, the printer might not be the first thing you consider when setting up a new business, or even developing an existing one and making it more user friendly, but getting the right model to suit the jobs thrown at it is key. After all, you don’t want to wear the poor thing out by sending 300 documents through it in half an hour, but similarly you don’t want it to sit gathering dust with the odd sheet sent through in a week.

In the past, you had a simple choice – you either had a colour printer or a black and white printer, but nowadays there are two main types – laser or inkjet – and numerous business purpose printers designed to stand the tests thrown at it by thriving, hustling and bustling companies producing numerous paper-based documents, spreadsheets, handouts, leaflets and presentations.

For a firm specializing in the production of high quality, high contrast documents or images, then a laser printer is by far the best option. The ability to print to such standards sets it apart from the inkjet, which, while being ideal for printing out word documents and spreadsheets, doesn’t produce such a level of quality as the laser.

Also, business purpose printers are often fitted out with photocopiers, scanners and even fax machines which will save significant amounts of space within the office. If you imagine a traditional office with large standalone devices, there often isn’t much space, particularly around those devices, but by converting them from four different units into one, without making it four times the size, it saves enough space that the office becomes practical again.

For offices that use a lot of printed documents, like a media office or a student library for instance, inkjet printers are very good because, while not necessarily standing up to the challenges of 300-sheets a day, they can produce, for example, ten pages, very comfortably allowing you to meet your deadlines. Similarly, a lot of individual offices within companies can take advantage of business inkjets. Receptionists and secretaries for instance could use specified printers within the boss’ office to enable fast and simple printing of minutes, contracts, proposals and in-house notifications.

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