Guest post: Top five gadgets for the home

A man’s home is his castle, or at least it used to be; in the 21st century, it is increasingly more likely to be his Q branch. In an age of rapid technological advance, this is hardly surprising, and it is interesting to note how many gadgets are simply perfect ways of avoiding exertion.

Today I’ll focus on a couple of the most interesting little gadgets to enter our lives and our homes in recent times, including TV Beds from the TV Beds Centre, the robotic hoover and a sofa that includes and iPod dock.

First up is the technological Holy Grail – the robotic hoover. There are several of these on the market, with manufacturers such as Vax, Samsung and Irobot (which has worrying connotations) stepping up to the plate. The prices hover around the £300 mark, which makes them quite expensive, even compared to cyclonic cleaners, and that is even before we reach the biggest drawback – they can’t climb stairs. However, despite not being able to do the most laborious job, the latest models can even clean in the corners, which make them suitable for flats or bungalows, but definitely not lighthouses.

The in-sink dishwasher from Kitchen Aid solves that age old problem – how can I hide my dishwasher? For the not inconsiderable sum of £2400, you too can own a hidden dishwasher. Its manufacturers claim it can save 20% on water and 30% on energy bills, and with its small compact size that is entirely possible, although for such an outlay, such benefits make this a long term investment.

The sofa has been in existence for centuries, and during that time, it has changed surprisingly little, until now that is. The sound sofa combines an iPod dock with a settee, for those few who require such a creation, it can play mp3 tracks, but surprisingly, not CDs, which seems odd when you consider its size – the word compact could never apply to this piece of furniture, and neither unfortunately, could practical.

Privacy in the home used to come in the form of blinds, shutters, or permanently frosted glass. However, smart glass gives an ingenious solution. The glass is usually frosted, providing an opaque surface, until the power is turned on, and suddenly the pane becomes transparent. This change is achieved by realigning molecules, which requires electricity, hence the prohibitive cost of the device. However, cost apart, this is an incredibly impressive item, and for those who like a modern office, with added privacy, this gadget would be ideal.


Watching television from the comfort of your bed is one of the simple pleasures in life, but for those with small bedrooms, it will often come at the expense of other simple pleasures, such as being able to walk around the room itself. This can be solved by adding a bowburn TV bed from the TV Beds Centre. The TV bed may seem like a novel proposal, combining the two to provide a genuinely compact solution, using flat screen TVs at the end of the bed. It should be stated however that anyone who isn’t over 65 and desires such a contraption would need an accompanying television license!

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