Guest post: Which tablet has the better browser: Apple or Android?

Since the launch of Apple’s groundbreaking iPad in 2010, the tablet has provided consumers with a new way to do a variety of their favourite online activities, from browsing social media sites to playing in mobile casinos, and monitoring in-play bets on its razor sharp multiscreen display. Such was the popularity that a number of other device manufacturers swiftly produced versions of the tablet to compete, that instead of using Apple’s patented OS, were supported operationally by Android, Google’s patented operating system. This has since led rise to the question of whether, say, an online casino is better on an Apple iPad, or Android-supporting tablet?

Both the iPad and the vast majority use a touchscreen, and though one would have to say that the latest iPad’s Retina Display is probably the best in terms of visibility across all tablets, nonetheless most have excellent touchscreen software, and there simply in terms of the usability of their browser, there is little to choose between them.

When it comes to the speed and sensivity of the actual broswer, clearly the fact that there are numerous Android-supporting tablets to choose from means that some will be better than others. If, for example, you chose to play an online casino app on some Android-tablets that were not designed for the latest Android OS, 3.0, you might find that some features did not run with the smoothness and clarity you’d expect. However, on the Apple iPad the OS is obviously always up-to-date with the model on which its installed. Consequently, you’d have to say that while some Android-supporting tablets will be state-of-the-art and in line with Android 3.0, and thus your online casino experience will be fluid and compelling, the fact is that not all of them will be. Thus, you’d have to give the best browser crown to the iPad.

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