As the date of the expected release for the iPhone 5 approaches the rumours are still coming thick and fast with Apple news blogs reporting on every aspect of the phones features and physical size. With the latest developer version of iOS 6 just being released a lot of the news has been about the software in the next generation iPhone, it has recently been discovered that the phone will have a Wifi plus data setting so that they can back each other up for when wifi is struggling.

In the latest news for concerning the actual hardware of the device there is an article on 9 to 5 Mac which has been release stating that the battery will not be much of an upgrade from the battery in the iPhone 4S which could be a bit of a concern. Mac rumours explains the size of the battery below:

“Part photos of the new battery for the next generation iPhone have been posted by9to5Mac. The part shows only a minor increase in capacity from 3.7V/1430mAh/5.3Whr in the iPhone 4S to 3.8V/1440mAh/5.45Whr in the rumored iPhone 5. No dimensions are provided to compare the size of the battery to the current iPhone batteries.”


The main worry is that the next phone is rumoured to have an LTE data connection meaning that the pressure on the battery will be a lot more intense than it would be with the 3G data connection. If this is the case and they battery hasn’t seen much of an improvement then there many be an issue with the new phones battery life, which I am hoping wont be the case.

The final things that will change with a different size battery is the mobile phones physical shape, this could be an issue for accessory manufacturers as they will all need to re design their products to fit the new iPhone. Either way everyone is eagerly waiting for the expected announcement date the 12th September, make sure to come back here to find out exactly what the new phone will be like.

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