Microsoft Skydrive gets a rework ahead of Windows 8 launch


It’s Dropbox, Google drive, iCloud however made to work perfectly with Windows devices such as the windows phones, Windows tablets and anyone of the Windows laptop you can find from places such as Microsoft Skydrive is Microsoft cloud storage service and it has been around for quite a while now, but now it is time for a refresh.

Reportedly in an effort to improve their service before the launch of Windows 8 Microsoft have revamped the whole look of the product making it easier for customers too use and their is also meant to be an Android app out for it as well in the near future.

The tech news site Techradar is quoted as saying:

Though there are already 4 million people using the mobile version on iOS devices and Windows phones, there is an Android app on the way.

It might not be out for a few weeks, but making SkyDrive available on Android devices should help expand the user base quite a bit.

Hopefully with all these improves Microsoft is doing to it’s services such as the recent remodel of hotmail to Outlook they should have a more holistic product line by the release of Windows 8.

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