Our 3 Favourite Mobile Phones on the Market Today

HTC One series

The mobile phone market is dominated by a few major brands today, but which is the phone which stands out ahead of the rest. We’ve put together a list of our favourite 3 phone handsets along with our favourite features, the top 3 probably won’t surprise you, but the order might…

3. HTC One

The HTC One is a fantastic phone and has seen HTC return to what they do best: creating a phone with a premium feel with excellent design and fantastic features. But they’ve also thrown some excellent additional parts into the mix, with a larger screen, a quad core processor and a less complicated approach.

The only drawback of the HTC One is the battery life which, if you use the phone a lot, might not last the day. This is obviously a real problem but has already been improved with recent updates. If HTC can continue to increase this capacity, the HTC will be up there with the best.

2. iPhone 4S

The operating system of the iPhone sets it apart from most other phones. With fantastic usability and the predictability of what goes where, the iPhone will always be amongst the best. Throw in the massive range of apps on the market, a fantastic camera and an excellent display and you have a top of the range phone handset. Everyone is already on the lookout for the iPhone 5, and when that arrives you can expect Apple to be back at the top of the tree.

1. Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung has nailed this one by providing pure usability and power, despite some features which might not quite match the iPhone or HTC. With an amazing amount of storage, a stunning screen, fantastic camera and excellent music hub it provides everything a user is looking for. Whilst the design might not be as instantly agreeable as the HTC, it is something that you’ll easily come to terms with once you’ve started using it.

If you’re looking for a phone which is fast, smooth and features all the latest technology you needn’t look any further, Samsung as absolutely nailed it.

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