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Guest post: Witnessing the end of discs


Since their release in the 80s, CDs have been the standard format for storing music and data. Similarly, when DVDs were first released in the mid-90s they were quickly established as the favoured format for watching films. However, technology is moving fast and the CD and DVD could soon be nothing more than vestiges of the past.

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Guest post: Back to School, College or University? Get Your Tech in Order

IT support London

For some students it’s only been a matter of weeks since the doors closed behind you for the summer holidays. For others it’s been a lifetime back at home with the parents eagerly anticipating a return to University for what many perceive to be the best time of their lives.

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Social media and social change [infographic]

The infographic below looks at the change in social media and business and the way that social media impacts businesses showing how the change has come about and what services have facilitated it.

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Guest Post: How is technology changing in the online world


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Remote working the benefits of not having to commute [Infographic]

Commuting into work its hard there are no two ways about it usually makes a long day even longer, however I do it and many other people still do it. It is definitely a shame that more businesses are not open to alternatives such as remote working. This infographic below takes a look at why commuting should become more popular and especially in busy times like the London Olympics that we have just had.

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Editorial: Will the Ultrabook Drag PC Sales back from Decline?

Ultrabook intel

It has been covered practically everywhere from major technology news websites to smaller blogs that global PC sales are declining, and up until May 2011 there seemed to be no way for the PC market to recover. Sure, Netbook’s gave it a firm boost a couple of years back when they became all the rage, however in their death they opened the path to smartphones and perhaps more importantly the tablet computer.

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Guest post: How to buy the best tablet

surface tablet

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Guest post: Which tablet has the better browser: Apple or Android?


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