Remote working the benefits of not having to commute [Infographic]

Commuting into work its hard there are no two ways about it usually makes a long day even longer, however I do it and many other people still do it. It is definitely a shame that more businesses are not open to alternatives such as remote working. This infographic below takes a look at why commuting should become more popular and especially in busy times like the London Olympics that we have just had.

Out of all the people that were surveyed for the infographic 59% of all employees thought that remote working would be a good idea with many Office jobs now having VPNs or other types of networks for work to be done at home. The infographic also found that an increase in remote working would lead to talent based instead of location based hiring, 50% reduction in stress of employees as well as the ability for employees to pick there own working hours. Take a look at the infographic produced by Powownow see what think and feel free to comment below.


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