Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Home Security Mobile Apps

Home security is home security, right? There are sensors on the doors and windows, a loud security alarm, and a monitoring station keeping track of it all. Why do you need iPhone or Android apps? How can your phone or tablet protect your house and family? Where does new technology fit in to the picture?

If you don’t have a security system, or have one of the old ones with the keypad next to the door and wires in your house, you may not understand how the home security industry has changed over the past few years. Burglars know how to bypass old school systems with outdated technology by simply snipping the phone wire.

Nowadays, security systems use wireless technology that has not only made it easier to install a system, but also allow you to customize it yourself and take it with you when you move.  You can also use smartphone apps, tablet apps, and secure websites to set up, monitor and control your security system. Wireless systems often use high-speed internet connections which allow users to have up-to-the-minute information about what is going on inside your home.

Now that you understand how smartphone apps work, here are the top three reasons why mobile apps for your home security systems:

  1. Unlimited Worldwide Access and Control. Whether you travel to work or around the world, you can arm your security system and check on who has been going in and out of your home using the security apps that come with your alarm system. You’ll never wonder if you forgot to set your alarm – you can simply log on and arm the system instantly if necessary.
  2. Stay Informed With Alerts and Notifications. While not available with every wireless system, the LifeShield wireless alarm system has a comprehensive alert system to help you keep tabs on your home security and manage your life. Use your mobile apps to set up your alerts, and get a text message or email when someone walks in the door, opens a cabinet, or when extreme weather is headed your way.
  3. See What Happens When You Aren’t At Home. Just add a security camera and you can use your mobile apps to view snapshots and videos of events inside your home. You can set up a motion sensor and let the camera record your pets every time they walk past the camera. Use the door sensor as a trigger and get a photo every time your front door opens. Watch live video feed at any time to see who is inside your home.

Mobile apps are the easiest way to check on your security alarm system. They make security systems about more than just keeping out burglars, they allow you to manage your home and know about the people in your life. Your home needs protection, so you should thoroughly research and make a smart decision. Your home, pets, and loved ones deserve the most high-tech and secure option available today.


One Comment on "Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Home Security Mobile Apps"

  1. Emma Tameside says:

    Hey Tom, I totally agree with you that the oldschool alarm systems aren’t really up the task anymore. First of all, not many people really take notice of a house alarm blaring away any more, which is perhaps a sad reflection on society or perhaps just because alarms used to go on for hours with no one home.

    I think the rise in the internet has been pivotal to improving home security. We actually just installed an IP camera in our flat to allow us to log into the internet and view the camera at any time… it’s a huge peace of mind and we’re looking at a system that automatically sends an SMS when it detects a breach.

    I personally think Android has the upper hand in home security apps at the moment over Apple iOS, but that’s just because of the openness of the system and the fact that programmers can develop for it so much quicker. I haven’t used LifeShield yet, but I’ll be sure to give it a spin when I get chance.

    It’s a sad world where we need to secure our homes so much against intrusion, but that’s just the reality and we may as well use all available options.

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