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The iOS User Interface Reimagined by Angell Echo

Stellar Cineplex

Instead of relying on the conventional menu layout seen in most iOS apps, Angell Echo has taken a completely new approach to user interface design for the iPhone and iPad with the release of Stellar Cineplex. In its place, the team developed Panoramic Walk-Through 3D technology which allows users to navigate through a 3D virtual environment that mimics a real space.

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Myspace site redesign the musical version of Pinterest

new myspace

The site really has been on its last legs for years now with a failed re designed several years ago and numbers just getting smaller and smaller the once all powerful social network, now more of a music social network has announced a re design today.

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Guest post: Using Excel to Make Your Home Budget

There is no need to spend a fortune on budgeting programs. Spreadsheets are the perfect way to manage your money and these come with office software, whether you are using Microsoft Office or Open Office. The trick is to knowing how to set up a simple budget within one of these programs.

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The best place for a case! whether it is an iPad or MacBook

Booq ipad case

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Advertorial feature: Kaspersky Internet Security and Anti-Virus Software 2013


The threats which we meet every day when browsing the web represent real security concerns which can make sensitive data vulnerable, and result in corrupted data on our machines. Whether we are worried about inputting data online or losing our family photographs due to the corruption of data, we all have an interest in protecting our computer against viruses and cyber crime.

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How to Afford Expensive Gadgets this Christmas

christmas gadgets

Christmas is fast-approaching and continues to be one of the most stressful and expensive times of year.

It is now a common occurrence that Christmas is followed by a crushing credit card bill in January. But Christmas isn’t meant to be about stress and worry, it’s supposed to be about joy, relaxation and spending time with the one’s you care about. So how can you avoid these extortionate January bills?

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HP Envy Spectre XT, A Sleek and Powerful ultrabook


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Using Tradeshow Swag to Spread Brand Awareness and Interest


Tradeshows are great platforms to meet and communicate with industry competitors, suppliers, manufacturers, and prospective clients. They give you the opportunity to showcase your company’s products/services in a specialized venue that puts your offerings in front of a targeted physical audience. Giving away free promotional items (commonly referred to as swag) at tradeshows is a good way to promote brand awareness and interest because it:

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Facebook vs Pinterest 5 things that we’ve learnt [Infographic]

The new up start on the block Pinterest is growing at an in credible rate and is proving to have a greater engagement rate with it’s visitors on Facebook than which is probably because of all the pictures.

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5 Epic DIY Electronic Gifts For Her That Say, I Love You

So, it’s that time again, a time of thoughtfulness and gift giving.  You’re unprepared once again.   Don’t worry; we’ve been expecting you.

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