5 Epic DIY Electronic Gifts For Her That Say, I Love You

So, it’s that time again, a time of thoughtfulness and gift giving.  You’re unprepared once again.   Don’t worry; we’ve been expecting you.

Well, here are the facts.  We know she is a woman.  And, we know she likes electronics.  You may not know her favorite color or reality show, but ‘woman’ and ‘electronics’ is a good place to start as any.

You can benefit from help.  This article, featuring 5 DIY electronic gifts, is going to give it.  Check this out:

Capacitor Earrings

Some desire emerald or diamond earrings, precious stones coveted the world over.  Suckers!  How unoriginal to wear diamond earrings.  Waltz into any formal affair; you’re sure to see diamonds smiling upon hands, necks, and ears.  But what about capacitor wear?  It’s likely your damsel will be the only one in the room wearing capacitor earrings!  What a lucky gal!

All you need is a set of pliers along with two capacitors with long leads.  Use the pliers to manipulate the leads into oblong shapes resembling tear-shaped earrings.  Voila!  There you have it.  Who’s ready to meet the royal family?

Keyboard Necklace

Are you feeling artistic?  How many ways can you say, ‘I love you’?  Well, whatever you say, don’t use the same letter twice.  Deconstruct a keyboard to assemble a necklace, drilling a hole in the middle of the keys to string together a necklace.  You’re so creative and thoughtful!  All you need are a few staples like a pen knife, hand drill, and keyboard you’re willing to lay to rest (in the name of love!)

Tricked-Out USB Drive

Thumb drives are small and rectangular, prime for plopping something on top, such as a mini doll or small sculpture.   Didn’t you play with clay as a child?  Otherwise, think of alternatives to enliven the boring ole’ USB drive.

It’s the waited-til-the-last-minute thought that counts.  Think of enhancing the drive in some way using glitter, tassels, or troll dolls (for goodness sake!)



Purse Light

LEDs are used for a variety of practical purposes, such as stop lights and illuminating storefronts.  Such engineers must not have had a honey at home.  What about lighting the way to her purse?  Ask any gal about the inconvenience of fumbling around in a purse for lipstick, gloss, pictures of you wearing your Comic Con shirt, etc.  They’ll tell you, the process warrants room for electronic engineering improvement.

All you need is a plastic board, some wiring, and LED lights.  Use glue to cement the LED lights onto the board and affix the board to the side of her purse.  Implement a 9-volt battery and you’ve brightened her world!

LED Bouquet

This is not as practical as the above LED application; it’s more lovey-dovey.  Look at you, showing your sensitive side!  And we thought all geeks were brute savages!  Rather than solder the LED lights on the board in a rectangular fashion to illuminate the inside of a purse, immediately light up her heart, arranging the lights in the formation of a flower bouquet, maybe go as far as spelling her name as well!  Get creatively crazy with those LEDs!  There are no rules when it comes to the one you love!

We’ve (pretty much) saved your relationship.  Don’t worry about it; you’ll get us back next time.  We’re happy to help. Come back anytime for additional ideas involving electronic components, LEDs, and saving the world, one relationship at a time.

This is a guest post from Sean at Farnell, a world leading high service, low volume distributor of electronic, electrical, industrial and maintenance, repair products.


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