Advertorial feature: Kaspersky Internet Security and Anti-Virus Software 2013


The threats which we meet every day when browsing the web represent real security concerns which can make sensitive data vulnerable, and result in corrupted data on our machines. Whether we are worried about inputting data online or losing our family photographs due to the corruption of data, we all have an interest in protecting our computer against viruses and cyber crime.

The latest releases from Kaspersky are specifically designed to recognise and protect against the growing number of threats posed to our computers on a daily basis. Linking to the Kaspersky Security Database, the software is able to identify new threats to our machines. With over 100,000 new viruses appearing each day, the ability to update and evolve is key to the running of an effective piece of security software.

Safe Money and Secure Keyboard

Perhaps the most important pieces of software included in the Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 package are the Safe Money and Secure Keyboard facilities. Each of these is designed with internet banking and online shopping in mind. With an increasing number of us worrying about transmitting financial information over the internet, software like this is essential for us to get on with everyday tasks whilst maintaining our peace of mind.

Secure Keyboard prevents keyloggers from recognising the patterns of input and extrapolating key information which will provide them with the ability to access your accounts. Safe Money opens a dialogue between your computer and Kaspersky’s databases, alerting the user when they are accessing suspicious sites. The software identifies vulnerabilities in your machine, as well as recognising when your machine is likely to be targeted. This reduces your chances of exposing yourself – and your information – to cyber criminals.

With more than 100,000 new virus appearing daily on the web, it helps to be protected. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 is able to respond quickly and effectively to these new viruses, with cloud computing enabling the Kaspersky Security Network to share information with users worldwide. The Kaspersky protection and anti-virus software also comes with Kaspersky Mobile Security for Android smartphone users. This software will protect phones from viruses and spyware, and can even lock and locate a device should it be lost or stolen.

Parental control

While much of the security dealt with by the Kaspersky software relates to cyber crime – both phishing and viruses – the software also includes an advanced parental control system. The dangers to which our computers are vulnerable are one thing but the vulnerabilities of our children whilst using computers is quite another.

The Kaspersky Internet Security software gives parents the ability to control the extent of their children’s internet usage. Not only can this help to ensure that your children do not run into anything on the web which you wouldn’t want them to, but it can also prevent them from inputting any sensitive information via unsafe connections.

Increased efficiency

Key changes to Kaspersky’s Anti-Virus software for 2013 include increased efficiency. Not only will this result in a decreased demand on your computer access memory, which will free up your computer’s performance abilities, but the software will also be less taxing on your laptop battery life.

An advanced piece of software which can adapt to recognise new threats is an invaluable addition to your computing life. Kaspersky software can offer you the peace of mind to browse the web freely without worrying about the security of your media library or key applications upon which you rely.

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