Myspace site redesign the musical version of Pinterest

new myspace

The site really has been on its last legs for years now with a failed re designed several years ago and numbers just getting smaller and smaller the once all powerful social network, now more of a music social network has announced a re design today.

The web rankings company Comscroe says the site still has around 54 million users however this is a very small amount compared to the hundreds of millions that it once had. The re designs face man appears to be the part owner Justin Timberlake who’s artist page is the main focus of the new launch video. The other part owner of the site The Murdoch corporation is hoping the redesign will bring users back, they brought it in 2005 in the peak of the site for £365m and at the moment isn’t looking like much of an investment.

As you can see from the video above the site is trying to use music as it’s main unique selling point which hasn’t worked too well for them so far but with the new look this might change. While being mainly focused on music the new look is also very picture heavy and as described by a friend of mine

“it looks like a pinterest for music”

Either way it will be interesting to see what features it holds when it launches and if it takes on.

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