The best place for a case! whether it is an iPad or MacBook

Ok I’ve found it, BooqUK is probably one of the best places for laptop backbags, sleeves and cases you can find on the internet. It truly is a treasure trove of well designed functional laptop cases. From what I can tell from the site Booq is pretty big in the US and Europe and now they have expanded into the UK and this is a good idea as far as I am concerned.

This is a quote from their blog describing the launch:

Booq are proud to announce the launch of their brand on to the UK market. Booq provide a whole range of backpacks, bags, cases, folios and sleeves for devices such as the iPad, keeping them protected and secure in an attractive carrier. In relation to the launch, the Booq UK distributor said: “We are so excited to have Booq in the UK. After having so many overseas orders, the UK was at the top of our list for expansion. Booq bags will be available online from with FREE next day delivery and in stores very soon”.

So naturally I took a further look round the site and they do have some quality products, including cool iPad cases that store paper and pens like this one:

 Booq ipad case

However since I have recently purchased a 11inch MacBook Air the product that really stook out for me was the Mamba courier this little carry back is very well designed and as you can see from the image below fits the laptop in perfectly. I would definitely recommend getting one or at least looking at the rest of the products that they have on offer. This is another example of a few of the products they sell:

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