Using Tradeshow Swag to Spread Brand Awareness and Interest


Tradeshows are great platforms to meet and communicate with industry competitors, suppliers, manufacturers, and prospective clients. They give you the opportunity to showcase your company’s products/services in a specialized venue that puts your offerings in front of a targeted physical audience. Giving away free promotional items (commonly referred to as swag) at tradeshows is a good way to promote brand awareness and interest because it:

Attracts Prospects and Helps You Establish a Presence

Free stuff and giveaways of any kind have always had a way of attracting interest, so why would it be any different at a tradeshow? There are no limits to the types of useful accessories, novelties, clothing items, and electronic devices you can use as tradeshow swag. Get creative and find ways to set your exhibition apart from the competition, and you’ll be rewarded with dozens of people who take your merchandise home, wear it, and share it. The first step in building a successful brand is establishing a social presence, and tradeshow swag gives you a cheap and easy way to accomplish this offline.

Leaves a Lasting Impression

Every time a person looks at or uses one of the trade show gifts you gave them they’ll be reminded of their positive experience with your company. Studies show that people tend to recall positive business experiences when making future buying decisions, which is good news if you were able to make a lasting impression on a consumer or investor, and then gave them something that serves as a reminder of that encounter. It’s not so much the tradeshow gift itself that leaves a lasting mark; it’s the fact that the item reminds them of a conversation or experience they had with you at the event, and this reminiscence increases the likelihood of them being interested in trying or recommending your products/services later on.

Provides Continual Advertising Benefits

Clothing and functional accessories (i.e. coffee mugs) are perhaps the best trade show gifts you can give, as they serve as continual advertisements for your brand whenever someone wears or uses them. Every time someone sees your logo/slogan on a hat it strengthens your social significance and increases the authority of your brand’s presence. If you’re creative enough to formulate a catchy riddle or interesting infographic for your shirts you can spark conversation between the wearer and onlookers, bringing even more attention to your company.

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