Guest post: Are Solar Powered Washing Machines The Future?

As consumers become ever more aware of how their behaviour affects the environment, we are seeing an increase in eco-friendly products appearing on the market.

One such emerging product is the solar powered washing machine. Interest in solar energy and its clean energy benefits has been growing for a number of years now and, with more homeowners utilising the power of the sun in their own homes, solar powered washing machines may become the cleaning product of the future.

Solar Power

Anyone who views solar power as a modern development may be surprised to learn it has been in circulation for some time. In fact, Albert Einstein won the 1921 Nobel Prize for his work on photovoltaic technology – the system behind solar panels – proving that it has been at the forefront of scientific development for some time.

Nowadays, solar power is a fairly common concept and alongside the households fitted with solar panel roof tiles; there are plenty of other industries using the technology. In fact, satellites which are used in the transmission of TV and communication signals are solar powered whilst solar energy itself accounts for one fifth of annual energy use.

Experimenting With Solar

One of the most exciting and more recent developments in solar power is its connection with everyday appliances. An experiment taking place in the Dutch city of Breda focusing on solar powered washing machines is currently taking place and has seen 300 new houses constructed with solar powered washing machines installed throughout every home.

These devices will be used in coordination with a specially designed monitoring system that will help experts learn about the behaviour of those using the machines. The intention is then to use this data to develop alternative energy appliances.

The monitoring system is actually a series of smart computers attached to the devices which give the user information on when the cheapest time to run washes is, but also when the most sustainable time is. They also relay information about how the appliance is being used by the owner, detailing how much energy they produce and use. User preferences can then be saved to ensure the machine is run as efficiently as possible.

What Does The Project Mean For Solar Power?

One feature being developed in this project highlights the potential of solar powered washing machines more than any other. By using an internet connections, the smart computer attached to the washing machine can access weather reports that allow it establish exactly when the sun is shining or when users will get the best rate for their energy. This suggests solar powered washing machines could be a great leap forward in the ability for consumers to have more control over the way they use energy and consequently the amount of money they pay for it.

This trial will also raise some fundamental questions about how durable, robust and practical such a new technology actually is. Experts will be able to monitor how often washing machine repairs are required, whether there is any serious flaws in the system and how much the users gain from having greater control.

As the technology develops at a more rapid pace, you can be sure that they’ll be a huge range of solar powered appliances hitting the market. The large amount of energy consumed by washing machines makes them the ideal appliance to test these new technologies on, making the future of solar power and alternative energy one which will most definitely be associated with solar powered washing machines.

These insights in this guest post are provided by Repair & Protect-a washing machine repairs company based in the UK. They have fixed washing machines for millions of homes in the UK and are well placed to comment on the future of the humble washing machine.

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