Guest post: Smart alarms ring the emergency services for you

Smart alarms ring the emergency services for you

Like pretty much everyone else I know, my house has been fitted with an alarm system for as long as I can remember – and like pretty much everyone I know there have been occasions in the past when I’ve been very glad that it’s there.

Rather than taking house alarms for granted though, I thought I would do some research to see exactly what is available on the market now.

As burglar alarms have been around for so long, and because everyone has one fitted, it’s really easy to think of alarm systems as being pretty low tech, but that’s not always the case. You can get a pretty good value system that’s great for driving your insurance premiums down and giving you a little piece of mind, but there are so many more advantages to some of the high end alarms you can buy now.

Especially if you currently have several alarm systems installed in your home – and I’m guessing that everyone has a smoke alarm at least, if not carbon monoxide and everything else – there could be a big benefit to getting one all singing, all dancing system fitted.
One of the most impressive alarms I’ve seen is on ADT’s website – the basic point of the old alarm systems is to make enough noise that it alerts your neighbours so someone calls the police, and by this time someone could have made off with all your stuff. ADT’s alarm actually alerts people itself – including ADT so they can come round and help you to sort out the mess that burglars will probably have left your house in, fixing the locks and making sure the alarm system keeps working properly – and gets the police round as soon as possible so you’ve got the best chance of keeping your valuables. I’ve been hearing about this kind of technology in fridges etc. for a while now, and to be honest this seems like a much more practical use!

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