Improve the Bottom Line with Effective Reputation Management

Businesses today have so many options when it comes to building a positive online reputation. In fact, the opportunities for an organization to make itself known online are almost without number. Unfortunately, so are the opportunities to post negative reviews by dissatisfied customers or trolls who do not actually know anything about the company. Combating a negative online impression takes a concerted effort. That’s why more companies are choosing to hire an outside supplier to manage their reputation. Businesses can think of this outside supplier as being their best public relations promoter. With the approval of company executives, a reputation management company can start a campaign that will have Internet users finding positive mentions with every click of their mouse. The first step is building a content rich website that makes several meaningful mentions of the business’ name. A regularly updated blog on the proprietary website also makes a lot of sense. The company website should also include a page for press releases where pertinent information can be disseminated to the public. It’s important to own more than one webpage. For example, the company should try to snap up domains that have similar names to the business name. This stops other users from acquiring these domains and using them to sabotage the company’s good name. Internet reputation management doesn’t end there. A social media presence is absolutely indispensable. At a minimum, the company should be on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. YouTube is also a powerful marketing tool. A professionally produced video can go a long way toward attracting new customers. In fact, it makes sense to post a number of videos that demonstrate a company’s products or services. As the old saying goes, seeing is believing. Also, writing guest posts on other blogs can go a long way toward cementing a positive reputation. The blog post should make multiple mentions of the company and the author of the piece. Additionally, it’s important for an extended author biography to go with the guest post. This ensures that readers are easily able to connect the writer back to their organization. Any company that has an innovative new product or service in the works should attempt to do multiple interviews in connection with the event. Again, this can generate many positive mentions that give the business’ reputation a positive boost and will also benefit the bottom line.

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