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Using a Windows PC for work is something that most people have to live with – myself included. Unless you do a very specialised job (design for example) you’re unlikely to work somewhere kitted out with Macs, simply because PCs can do simple, everyday tasks for cheaper.
In the long run though, it can turn out to be false economy. Macs can last a lot longer in my experience – that is unless you know how to deal with the problems that PCs can suffer from.

Viruses, Trojans, spyware and the like are the bane of every boss, because it can often mean replacing all or part of a computer that should really be working fine still. There are some simple solutions that can fix problems like this though, and there are plenty of options for sustainable software that can keep your computer from ever suffering from this kind of problem. I make a point of keeping my computer up to date with Windows Updates, and I use a few different kinds of software to make sure any viruses I get are removed before they can do damage. In my experience a computer crash is not the end of the world – it’s a sign that something has gone wrong, so you can fix it with an anti-virus program. What’s much worse is when your computer slows down to a crawl, because I used to put this down to normal wear and tear – especially on a laptop. For this reason alone it’s worth scanning your computer now and then just to keep everything running quickly, and to make sure you don’t get any problems in the future.

If you’re concerned about viruses now – and especially if you think you might have one – then Microsoft have some good advice for you, including a definition of what a virus is so you can be sure – even Macs aren’t completely safe from viruses anymore, so make sure you’re taking measures to keep your computer working.

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