Sony Vs LG – Battle Of The Smart TVs

Sony Bravia KDL55HX853

With the new generation of smart TVs emerging on the market and boasting an amazing array of new features, it’s become quite difficult to know exactly what the different models offer. Two of the most prominent companies making smart TV technology are Sony and LG, both of which have released a number of Smart TVs recently.

In order to give you a good idea of exactly what is on offer with a smart TV, we’ve decided to compare two of the newer models from these two companies; the Sony 55HX853 and the LG 42LM660T.

Sony Bravia KDL55HX853 

This amazing HD ready television is one of the best Smart TVs on the market and is a great purchase for anyone looking to pick themselves up a Smart TV. The unit itself is internet ready and is the best Smart TV available for those wanting to watch online video.

Online video apps installed on the TV include a great variety of mainstream video streaming sites while the navigation system used to operate the menus has been significantly improved from Sony’s previous efforts. However, there is still work to be done and some problems of menu operation are still reported.

The TV’s 3D capabilities are executed well, with a sharp and bright picture quality and no issues with crosstalk at all. Though no glasses are shipped with the TV itself, Sony has made their 3D glasses some of the cheapest on the market to address this.

Finally, the one major complaint with this TV is the way in which it often struggles to play different video formats. According to reports, it can often struggle to play high quality DivX files from a USB and many claim it won’t play MKV files at all.

LG 42LM660T

Now that Samsung has become the biggest TV manufacturers in the world, LG and Sony are really having to pull out all the stops to try and catch up lost ground. This latest offering from LG really demonstrates this, with the manufacturer doing everything in its power to outperform its rival.

With fewer reported problems than the Sony model, the LG 42LM660T definitely wins in the battle between these two offerings. The TV menu layout is fantastically produced, with impressive graphics, animations and an easy to manipulate navigation system. This is handy, as the TV has an impressively diverse range of content and a good menu system is absolutely necessary to get round it all.

As expected, the 3D picture is fantastic and four pairs of glasses are given out with the TV on purchase – something which trumps the Sony Bravia KDL55HX853 with ease. Additional pairs of glasses are then available for competitively low prices, should buyers require any extras.

The one negative aspect of the LG’s performance is the way that it handles its standard definition channels on Freeview. Though they’re not terrible, they can appear a little noisy and this is a real disappointment considering its other merits.

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