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Since the internet has been around there have been some truly massive poker stars who have become genuine celebrities – the likes of Phil Ivey, who have made their name online, attract massive crowds when they make appearances at real life poker tournaments at brick and mortar casinos, and this is one of the main reasons that the biggest casinos are starting to get an online presence as well.

Obviously there are a whole hold of places to poker games online, and some sites that have been around for a long time are still getting more traffic and making more stars than any others.

The fact of the matter is, though, that some of the big sites play it pretty safe. There are a significant number of sites that only offer Texas Hold ‘Em, for example, as it is the most popular game and it’s what most casual players are looking for. Many sites have some nice variations of Texas Hold ‘Em when it comes to graphics and gimmicks, but essentially it is the same game, and it’s not particularly exciting if you’re so much better than all the other players in the casino.

Types of poker

If you’ve been playing internet poker for a while and winning a fair bit of money it’s all too easy to just carry on playing, winning a little, and whiling away the hours. For a proper test, there are other games at some of the edgier sites that can really take things to the next level. As well as some of the great games that are making it to social media sites like Facebook, there are also dedicated poker sites offering games like HORSE – H = Hold ‘Em, O = Omaha, R = Razz, S = Seven Card Hi Stud and E = Eights or Better Stud. This is exactly as complicated as it sounds, and the pros consider it to be the best test of how good you really are as a poker player – perhaps best not to put a lot of money on this one.

Benefits of online poker

You can quite easily see the draw of online poker weather you a pro and fancy yourself as the next Phil Ivey or are just a new comer looking to get into the poker playing world. With the lure of the game and the chance to win big money its easy to see why the numbers of people playing online poker is growing rapidly.

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