The 4G mobile network: Is it coming to your neck of the woods?

When will 4G come to my area

In September, it was announced that people across the UK could start looking forward to all sorts of high-speed web shenanigans when EE revealed plans to roll out its 4G network across Britain.

The news was swiftly followed by updates about some of the fantastic smartphones and tablets that would be on sale to take advantage of this new super-fast outdoor connectivity. But some of us may still be wondering, ‘when will 4G arrive in my neck of the woods?’

Well, it seems the initial phase of activity, which kicks off on October 31st and runs right up until the end of 2012, will have many of us very quickly covered. EE, the company formerly known as Everything Everywhere and incorporating Orange and T-Mobile, has said that as the year ends there will be as many as 20 million of us able to access 4G.

After testing the network across four pilot cities – Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff and London – the LTE switch on will roll out across 12 more major cities before December 31st. These cities will be: Belfast, Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield and Southampton – with customers of EE, as well as Orange and T-Mobile, all able to use the network if they choose to do so. However, for those on existing non-4G tariffs, this will of course require an upgrade of services.

But EE isn’t just going after the mobile market, as it has revealed that it also plans to give customers a market-leading home broadband offering so that they can package all of their internet needs together in one place. This will inevitably be attractive to those who want one single bill to pay rather than one for their handset, another for their landline and a third for the fixed line internet in their home – and will offer another option for those comparing prices and speeds to see which suits them.

With the launch of the iPhone 5, as well as fantastic new handsets like the Samsung Galaxy SIII and increasing number of 4G-enabled tablet devices, it’s certainly an exciting time for the UK. As time goes on, we look certain to be able to provide the kind of digital services that are so in demand nowadays, which will hopefully make all of our lives a little better and encourage our many industries to flourish.

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