Three things you didn’t know about cloud computing

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There is no denying it: cloud computing is a revolution in the way businesses use, store, and access data and applications. Like the clouds in the sky, cloud computing can sometimes seem inexplicable, ever-changing, and out of reach – but thankfully, the cloud becomes more accessible as you understand more about it.

Cloud computing is relatively straightforward: instead of data and applications being stored in-house, they are stored in the cloud. Businesses no longer need to set-up, maintain, and upgrade their own infrastructure – it’s all done for you as a service. Intrigued and want to know more? Here are three things you probably didn’t know about the new revolution called cloud computing.

Why the cloud?

For all the technological advancements and business benefits, it’s easy to overlook the simple question: why is it called cloud computing? There aren’t any bolts of lightning or drops of rain coming from the cloud, after all. Cloud computing actually derives its name from a symbol: traditionally, on IT and network diagrams, the internet is represented as a cloud. Because data is stored via a remote server that is accessible via an ethernet cable, cloud computing is simply just computing using the internet.

The acronyms

When it comes to cloud computing, there are different abbreviations, acronyms, and jargon – with so many to keep track of, they can often muddle into one big acronym. What are IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, exactly?

The IaaS is at the core of all cloud computing, and stands for Infrastructure as a Service. Instead of infrastructure being built in-house at a business, the infrastructure for the storage of data is a part of the service that the data centre provides. PaaS stands for Platform as a Service, and allows businesses to run platforms from remote networks; SaaS, or Software as a Service, does much the same but with software.

A good data centre is necessary

Since cloud computing is all executed via the internet and information is stored in a data centre, it’s incredibly important to choose a good company for your cloud computing needs. A data centre is the lifeblood of the entire cloud computing system – without it, nothing else would function, so it’s wise to choose a reliable and secure host.

Andy Lukasz is a writer who is passionate about all things technology. One day, he hopes to own his own company – of course, all of his information will be stored on the cloud.

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