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Guest Post: Creative Approaches to Brainstorming

Like the egg and the chicken question there’s no simple answer to the one about which came first the sci-fi novel or the science.  While Mary Shelley was obviously crazy with her mad idea that a scientist could actually build a human, at least she didn’t go completely crazy and suggest we might one day grow human organs in animals as spare parts.  Erm.  Maybe she should have.

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The IT Crowd is one of my favourite sitcoms, but it did get me wondering about whether the real IT crowd (IT support services like Lan2Lan) get a bad rap from how they are portrayed in the programme.  For instance, my father is an IT manager for a UK engineering company, and he refuses to watch it because he feels that IT professionals are portrayed as completely in lacking social skills, irrespective of how hilarious that lack of social skills is!  In a similar vein, my brother doesn’t really enjoy watching The Big Bang Theory because of the fact that he understands some of the many bewildering scientific references in the show, which in turn makes him feel like ‘a bit of a geek’.

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Adjusting Your eCommerce Template


When you get a new eCommerce template, you need to adjust it so that it fits the way that you want your store to be represented. Using a template means that you do not have to write any of the code yourself; but it also gives you a basic site that has no connection to your company’s brand or image. Also, the site will look just like the sites that are run by other people who decided to use the same template. You must make some adjustments if you want the store to really feel like something that is your own.

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Guest post: Refurbished Computers: What You Need to Know

IT support London

Most people don’t realise that you don’t need to buy brand spanking new when looking to purchase a laptop. Depending on what you want and how much you have to spend, you can buy a laptop in near new condition for a bargain price and it’s only had its seals broken. Refurbished laptops are a viable option for those who want the latest model but can’t quite afford the price tag.

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Guest post: Android is more customisable than ever

Android apps

There’s something to be said for the beautiful simplicity of an iPhone – there’s not much you can do to break it when it comes to the software, but then there’s not much that you’d really want to do anyway. For quite a while now Android has been the operating system of choice for people that want to tinker with everything, and love to personalise their phones to themselves. Here are a few of the best app tools for customising Android smart phones at the minute:

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Guest post: How the cloud is making business IT easier

cloud computing

Whether we are using a tablet, a smart phone, a home pc or a work laptop, accessing information has become exponentially easier thanks to cloud computing – a unique approach to networking and computing wherein all electronic devices are interconnected and you don’t need a fixed work station.

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How the new Microsoft Office will change the way we work


Next year will see the shipping of Office 2013, the latest instalment in the illustrious productivity suite from Microsoft. As ever, the revision will bring with it new features and new possibilities; the IT blogosphere has been covering it in detail and companies around the world are making way for the upcoming changes. Here is a quick look at some of the key areas in which Office 2013 will leave its mark.

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Windows 8 – what are you paying for?

Windows 8 desktop

Microsoft has finally unleashed their long awaited Windows 8 operating system, and as many predicted people aren’t exactly falling over themselves to upgrade – it’s just not completely necessary at this point.

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Using your iPhone whilst in the Bath. Can it be done safely?

iPhone in the bath

Look we get it – you simply can’t be without the internet for more than 5 minutes. Your iPhone constantly buzzes, vibrates and beeps its way in to your hands when every Facebook like, @reply on Twitter or when the latest breaking news hits. You simply can’t get away from the fact that your smartphone connects you to practically everything in the world, yet amazingly there is a simple solution to this; turn it off.

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Email marketing for the holidays

Email marketing for the holidays

When it comes to email marketing for the holidays it can be pretty difficult to judge exactly how to go about it. It’s not like Christmas shopping – you can’t really put it off, and you should start planning as soon as possible. Trying to organise a holiday email marketing campaign at the last minute is a recipe for disaster.

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