Adjusting Your eCommerce Template


When you get a new eCommerce template, you need to adjust it so that it fits the way that you want your store to be represented. Using a template means that you do not have to write any of the code yourself; but it also gives you a basic site that has no connection to your company’s brand or image. Also, the site will look just like the sites that are run by other people who decided to use the same template. You must make some adjustments if you want the store to really feel like something that is your own.

Editing the Colors
You should start by changing the colors that are used by the eCommerce template. If your company already has a strong brand; you probably have a logo and company colors. These should be incorporated into the design. That is not to say that they are the only ones that you should use. If your company colors are brown and orange, for instance, you could create a site that uses mostly white and gray, along with black text. The various headers, banners, and accent colors could then be brown and orange. This is a good way to work your colors into the site without making it overbearing or overdone.

Setting Up the Layout
You also need to think about the layout of the eCommerce template. Do you want to have a main page that welcomes people to your site? Do you want to use a video on that page to get their attention, or do you just want to display your company logo? After viewers enter your main site, do you want them to see your products right away, or are you more interested in giving them a basic page with categories that they can select? The answers to these questions will help to determine the layout.

The biggest thing that you need to remember at this point in the process is that the edited eCommerce template needs to make it easy for people to use the site. The more that you can do to remove confusion; the better off you will be. People do not want to work hard when they are shopping online. If your site is confusing and forces them to really work as they look for the products that they want, they will leave it and go to the site of a competitor. You need to make everything logical and streamlined so that they get to the right products in a quick and efficient manner.

Entering Your Data
The last step before you launch the site is to add your own data and information to the eCommerce template. It will come with placeholder pages. You have to write a bio for your company, descriptions for your products, and so forth. You can then paste them onto the right pages, making it look less generic. You may also want to upload pictures of your products at this time. Lastly, put in your company’s contact information.

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