Email marketing for the holidays

Email marketing for the holidays

When it comes to email marketing for the holidays it can be pretty difficult to judge exactly how to go about it. It’s not like Christmas shopping – you can’t really put it off, and you should start planning as soon as possible. Trying to organise a holiday email marketing campaign at the last minute is a recipe for disaster.

This applies not only to those companies that need to contact the public via email – it’s pretty obvious that if you want to sell goods, and you expect that people will give them as Christmas presents, you need to give your target audience plenty of time to order or go out and buy whatever it is you’re selling – but it’s also applicable to business to business (B2B) companies – offices slow down considerably before Christmas, and many start a brand new working year when they return in January (or between Christmas and New Year if they are really unlucky). So you know when to start – here are some tips for where you should begin:

Analyse what you did last year. A good starting point for any campaign is considering where you’re already at, and email marketing is especially relevant for this as you’ll have loads of data about what has worked in the past and what has failed miserably. Go into detail – which subject lines were opened most, what got the highest click through rate – give yourself every advantage you can.
Check your finances. Don’t send messages to people that aren’t going to act on them because it will cost you money – but make sure you know how much money you’ve got for this campaign before you start, and how much you expect it to generate.

Check the time. The second Monday in December is traditionally the biggest day for online shopping in the calendar – this could be the perfect time for you to strike with your, by then, thoroughly planned campaign. If you’re delivering to people’s houses you need to make sure there’s plenty of time for what you’ve got to get where it’s going, otherwise people will have already got something similar from someone else.

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