Guest post: Android is more customisable than ever

Android apps

There’s something to be said for the beautiful simplicity of an iPhone – there’s not much you can do to break it when it comes to the software, but then there’s not much that you’d really want to do anyway. For quite a while now Android has been the operating system of choice for people that want to tinker with everything, and love to personalise their phones to themselves. Here are a few of the best app tools for customising Android smart phones at the minute:

PhotoWall Live Wallpaper

It doesn’t seem like many people read the description in the Play Store, so it’s a good job that PhotoWall Live Wallpaper does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s a background for your phone that updates constantly and is comprised of your photos. It’s easily customisable in itself, and combined with some of the many beautiful widgets available for Android you can quite easily set up a very personal, very practical user interface on most Android powered phones.


In a way LauncherPro is also an aesthetic thing that your Android phone could really do with, but it’s much more practical than that. The Android OS may be easy for users to personalise to themselves – but the problem is that the phone manufacturers often like to roll out their own versions too. Some are less successful than others (HTC and obviously the Nexus series are the better ones), but there is fortunately a way to make your own interface a little easier to live with. LauncherPro provides you with a scrollable desktop dock; a fast and simple home and app screen (as many home screens as you want, in fact); and plenty of other quick and easy tweaks too. It takes ages to get everything exactly how you want it, but if you’re one of those Android fans that wants something as important as your phone to be a very particular way then it’s probably the best option available to you.

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