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Picking a Smartphone for College Students

There are so many choices that a college student and anyone shopping for a college student. Several of those choices are tied closely to schoolwork and social activities. The greatest part of today’s technological society is the fact that not only cans these things be tied together; all computing can be tied together.

Choosing an Operating System

Smartphone, tablet and computer can all be linked and all share valuable information. The key is to choose the same operating system for all three devices. Android and Windows can share information to a great degree, but if you are choosing an iPhone, then the computing environment should also be a Mac OS. This is the best way to avoid conflicts down the line.


There are actually some smartphones that cannot perform the same functions as others. It is important to ensure that the phone you are choosing will meet all of the requirements that you need. Because a smartphone is going to be pulling double and triple duty it is not the same choosing a college smartphone as choosing one for high school life.

These are some of the functions that many college students start using more:

• Video

Not just watching video, but recording video too. No one wants to carry a video camera around campus all the time, so the best choice for keeping the memories of college life alive. Almost any smartphone can share video, but choosing one with a good, solid camera is essential.

• Voice Recording

This can be tricky. Most smartphones can record audio through the microphone, but the distance needs to be close. Smartphones can actually record entire lectures, but it is very important to make sure that the microphone can pick up at the distance that is needed.

• Flash Video

Most college students are going to spend time on websites that either use Flash for video playback or for applications. Many people do not even realize that there is Flash being employed until they try to use a phone that is not capable and the website fails. Ensure that the smartphone is capable of using a browser that will support Flash.

• Memory

Like any other computer a smartphone has two important types of memory. There is RAM and storage. Storage can be added to easily using Micro SD cards, but RAM is impossible to upgrade in most phones. RAM is a temporary holding area for information.

Imagine trying to move people across a lake in a boat. The size of the boat is determined by the processor speed. However, while you are waiting for the boar to return you can get people ready to go in a temporary holding spot. This is the RAM. It is the difference between having 30 people ready to board a boat that holds 30 people and only having 10 people ready to board the same boat.

• Upgradable

There are some off market smartphones that are manufactured in other countries and sold using the sheer benefit that they are inexpensive. Many of these use variations of a base operating system. While this may be fine today, tomorrow may be a different story.

While the rest of the smartphones are downloading and installing the latest version of the operating system, your phone could be stuck on the same version until you get a new phone.

• 4G or 3G

It is wholly possible to buy a phone without choosing a provider. Many manufacturer websites will simply ship a new phone as an item without attaching it to any specific provider. If your provider has 4G service, then make sure that the smartphone can handle 4G services.

• Cost

If you have found the phone that you want, look around and see if you can get a better deal on the purchase. A lot of cellular providers give substantial discounts on certain models of phones. A $500 phone can sometimes even be gotten for free when signing up for service.

Choosing the right smartphone may even take a few days. Do not rush the process as they are very limited return policies on phones once they have been used for a certain number of minutes and/or data. Finding the right phone may seem like a lot of work, but if your choice is done well, you will not have to look around again for many years.

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