Tablet War is now: Apple iPad mini vs Microsoft Surface

iPad Mini

There is quite a buzz in our modern world around the battle between Apple iPad Mini and Microsoft Surface. Even if these two tablets are not direct competitors, they were launched recently, around the same time, which makes the battle between Apple and Microsoft even more real.

While Microsoft 8 represents a huge step forward for the company run by Bill Gates,
Apple boasts with their resounding success of having more than 275,000 iPad apps compared to only 4,000 apps found in the Microsoft Store, Apple is way ahead.
Moreover, Apple has a huge lead in the education market and business world, where over 80% high school curriculums, respectively 94% Fortune 500 companies use Apple’s products.

Let’s see some of the differences between the newest releases from these two huge companies. While the iPad Mini is thinner and lighter than any other tablet on the market, the Surface has a more bulky design, because it can be used both as a tablet, and as a notebook.

Some other differences are:

Finish: the iPad Mini features a light aluminium finish that looks amazing, while the Surface has a dark Magnesium finish which contrasts with the sleek surface offered by the iPad.

Battery life: compared to the iPad Mini, who easily offers 10 hours of continual usage, the Surface from Microsoft claims only 8 to 9 hours of battery life. Of course, that’s way better than most Android tablets on the market, but still is not enough, according to the critics.

Display: both of the tablets feature a bright LED screen that looks fantastic. While the iPad mini features a 7.9 inch display at a 4:3 ratio, the Surface has a large 16:9 aspect ratio.

– Performance: probably the most important aspect of these two products is the performance they can offer. While the iPad Mini is powered by a powerful A5 1GHz dual core processor, the Surface has a 1.3GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU. Both of them are extremely good and reliable processors, helping you to access your favorite apps faster than ever.

There is no doubt that this modern war will evolve, and will certainly extend in other areas of the economy.


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